Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In which I am such a poser

Today is the twenty-eighth day of May.
I last updated on the sixteenth day of May.
I am seeing a sparse posting schedule here.
Hmmm indeed.

I have not had much to post about either, though I have finished one extra repeat on Laminaria, and am debating adding more (I have *tonnes* of yarn left, but the stitch count grows ever greater), it still looks about the same as the last picture of it.

Ditto on the socks: not much more interesting.

I have been low on energy during my personal (knitting) time lately, partly due to being fairly busy with other things. I have found it more relaxing to spend my time drawing or reading. That is not to say that I am not knitting, it is just going slowly.
I do not wish to be vague with you wonderful people, as I do know where my energy and zest has gone, but if you are desperately in need of an answer feel free to give me a shout (I don't feel like divulging to the general public at this point, sorry).

Again, sorry, but unless anyone wants to see some of my doodles and such this might continue to be a little quiet, but I have definitely not abandoned ship!

Friday, May 16, 2008

In which there is both progress and news. And PURPLE.

"Damnit Martha, I said no! Absolutely not!"


"But Joe, honey, it'd only be for a few days."


"I can't hear you, I'm reading the paper..."
"I don't complain when *your* in laws come to town!"

Well, i think we can leave them be.

"Nice day, mister."


"Sure is, kid. What do I owe yah?"


"A big shiny dollar sir. Enjoy the sun!"


Hey, we have SUN, actual nice SUN! But wow, look at that yarn! Talk about PURPLE! Koigu KPM in colour 3000. It is destined for a pair of socks soon.

Also, Laminaria!
I've gotten though 6 of the 8 blossom repeats, but I think I will likely add a few more repeats to add size, since I'm using smaller needles than I should have.


Fleece Artist, Suri Blue. Mrowr. So soft.


Yum, unblocked lace.

Have a good day, and I hope spring has arrived wherever you are!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In which you should look over there, quick!

So, latest guilty pleasure... PLease don't judge me, the album was under ten dollars! And it is officially my new favourite driving music, for now. (mostly though, I wish there were a club under *my* desk)

So, did I distract you from lack of knitting? I will post pictures when the shawl looks a little more interesting... honest!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In which I am far too easily amused

I would just like to say that it is a ridiculous amount of fun watching people try to fold a pre-seamed BSJ into a jacket.
Substance to come in a future post, because I am going to enjoy our first perfect spring day!

Oh, here's another lovely springish tune from another Canadian musician. (song starts about 45 seconds in, if you want to skip the preamble. This has had my toes tapping for a few weeks now.