Thursday, August 28, 2008

In which I am beat

Wow. I have been gone for... far too long.

In that time I have knit a vest, started a shawl (Shetland Triangle), started a blanket (Hemlock Ring) and started designing myself a new sweater. I have also moved into a new house across town with some pretty fun individuals (and I am *finally* unpacked).

On the downside, I no longer have access to a camera, though I plan to work on that soonish, and the move and new digs and work have just left me wiped.

So I am sorry I have not been about more, either here or flickr or Ravelry (or even Plurk... I so cannot keep up with that anymore). I will try to at least keep you all updated verbally until I lay my hands on some picture-taking solution.

Until later, enjoy the rest of summer!