Monday, November 17, 2008

In which the beast surfaces!

Oh dear.
Oh dearie dearie me.

I am terribly sorry for my complete and unforgivable disappearance from the interwebs, fine people!
I would post more (er, at all), if I had any free time! I am just barely keeping afloat in my courses (I'm doing well enough to be comfortable), and trying to keep my place of employment in one piece (or at least several *clean* pieces).
There has been knitting, minimal but present. I have completed 1 (one) Ironwork sock, and will get my tuccus in gear after the current round of tests and papers clear out. I am still negotiating the use of a camera (so desperate...), but hopefully come mid-December I will be able to cram knitting in aplenty (I have an urge to make a sweater - just a simple-ish raglan), else I may lose it completely!

Miss you all, and I will be back the second I have pictures!

love, Michael

P.S. The little fuzzball is doing well, quite the terror still.