Thursday, March 29, 2007


So let's see...
Sweater is joined and am working on the yoke. I tried to buy longer circs for it (using 80cm) but Aero doesn't make them longer! (And Aero is the only company I have found which makes the actual needles (not the cable) long enough for me to use (semi)comfortably) Here's hoping I have enough yarn... (If anyone has any Madarin Soft cotton in 093 and/or 008 (grey and green), I would like to hear from you, just in case. But let's hope it doesn't get there...

I bought some yarn. Commercial, superwash, and purple. I owe a good friend something, so this might be a portable project, or at least my next one (might go super-fast).

That's all for knitting, but I have some art/craft stuff to show (maybe) once I get photos.

Ooh, Trompe-L'Oeil by Malajube. Fun album! So Fun!

Excuse me while I go look up kinesiologists at the local gym.

Oh, and the 'Milestone'? This is my 100th post. Rawkk. With two K's.

And one last thing. If you've got me linked on your blog, or blogroll or whatever, let me know! I will most likely be very happy to link back to you! Now is the time to de-lurk!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


So, you may be saying "Hey Boy, you sure talk plenty, but I see no proof of knitting!" Well, fear no more, I found the camera. Had to rough up a pair of gremlins, but they had it coming. I think I only need about another 5" on the body, then I can join for the yoke!

Also, a quick technique question. When I join for the yoke, I inted to split it down the front, because a) I like that kind of neck and b) I will need to work intarsia to keep the two colours, as they wouldn't work in the round. Anyway, my question is do I need to do any kind of edging/border now, or would crocheting around the neckline later (or something) be enough to keep it from curling? (the closest I have seen is Knitty's Saranac, and that has a zipper in after, which I was planning on avoiding)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Popping in

No photos today. Camera is hiding. I suspect gremlins.

However, I like what Ellen said a few posts back. I think I shall call this sweater 'Dimples'. Speaking of the sweater, I am about halfway through the second sleeve (should only be a day or two of knitting when I have time).

The reason that is taking so long is school. It IS March after all. My brain is pretty much gone. Ask anyone, I have not been myself. But I am getting itchy knitting fingers, so I think I might treat myself to a good few hours of knitting tomorrow, provided I get this assignment in.

To help calm myself down, I bought a copy of 'Mantras for Madmen' by Harry Manx. Mr. Manx is an incredibly talented musician who combines the American blues with some enchanting Indian influences (he resided there for 12 years). He now lives on Saltspring Island (small, just up-island from me!) Anyway, this album is less bluesy than some of his other work, and I was so feeling like some blues today, but it is brilliant work regardless. It also bears some of the most appealing album artwork I have seen in a long time. Harry Manx. Check him out. If you like blues/folk and a little experimentation, you will not be disappointed.

This Boy, logging off. (I'll post a photo update of Dimples as soon as I find the camera)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh? Go on.

This intrigues me much like the Life Aquatic. I hope I can see it someday.


Monday, March 12, 2007

A Quick Note

Sleeve One to underarm: Done
Body to underarm: Nearly Done
Sleeve Two to underarm: Cast On

Such is the state of the knitting. I kind of wore myself out running through 42 rows in 2 days on the body (210 stitches around. I know it's not much, but setting myself down after school and work in the evening, that's a lot of hours I could have used to sleep) but I should get the second sleeve done soon (I am alternating body portions with full sleeves so as to not go completely mad) and then... join them all! Which scares me, becase watch it not fit at ALL.

Anyway, the next 2 weeks are especially crazy chez Academia, and I have no doubt that the weeks after will be crazy too, at least until classes are over and my short reprieve of studying for exams starts. Long story short is that I won't be updating much for a bit (same reason I haven't in a while, except now I'm procrastinating even more). A little is craft related, so hopefully I will have some fodder, as well as (hopefully) a sweater in the next few weeks, which I would love to be done before classes finish, but that depends on my degree of work ethic.

Stay good, y'all!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Project Spectrum Whatnow?

So I guess it looks like I haven't been doing much with Project Spectrum so far, eh? (Well, there was white in all of the moustache painting)
Well, that sweater I'm working on? The miles and miles of stockinette one? (actually, it goes fairly quickly) Yeah, that one. I have decided to take a break since I hit about 1/3 of the way into the body to go and knit one of the sleeves. Which is grey! Yay!

Ok, I really should go tackle all this homework that I have bene putting off, this is a busy week. See you this weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I'm Not Afraid To Be Committed!

Ok, so I'm sure y'all had some slight inkling (I hear you snickering, I'm not *that* bad) that I am... a little weird, to put it kindly.
But hoo doggie, there is more.
For example, what does This Boy do on his day off and is bored?

Got it?
Ok, here's another one...

Still no?
Ok, one more then.

Don't tell me you give up!
I like to paint stylized men's facial hair, of course!

<.< <.> >.>

Noooo! Come back! I'm really not completely crazy... This is just an idea I've had kicking around my head for a little while now, and it was actually sunny enough today to do some painting!
Here are the last two pieces.


And how about all of them together then?

I can't help but think that maybe, just maybe I should have been the stylist for some period evil villain. And I also have a craving to watch Gangs of new York. Weird.

Have a good March, everyone!

P.S. Cookies to whomever knows where the post title is from. (it's a webcomic)
P.P.S. Anyone know the names of all of the styles? I know the handlebar, goatee, dali and mutto chops (not happy how that one turned out) for sure, but my brain is gone today and I can't place all of them.