Monday, June 20, 2011

In which I am buried under boxes

Oof folks. Oof. Despite being absent from here this month, I assure you I have been busy. We're in the middle of moving to the mainland (and in fact, took a big truckload over earlier this week), have been back and forth four times this month already, convocated (finally, yippee!), and have mounds of cleaning and packing and visiting and setting up and cancelling services, looking for jobs etc... So it's been busy here.

But I did just finish sewing in the zipper on the cardigan (twice), and as soon as I can give it one final wash and block, I'll arrange for photos. Promise. I make no promises, however, about when this will all happen. So if I don't check in before the end of the month, I'll be writing you from Vancouver in July! (and yes, I will need to find a knitting group or two)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In which we are just about ready to zipper!

Well, this is the state of the cardigan as of this afternoon.

Ready for Zipper!

I just need to weave in (lots of) ends, and tidy up one or two seams, and then we can try sewing the zipper in! Once I find a zipper, that is...

As promised, the sweater has one or two little details.

Bottom Hem


Which will be revealed in full, once the sweater is done.

Also, I have finally been swatching with the Madelinetosh. It seems that my current theme is 'add a dash of colour'. There are plans in the works for the Shelter, too, but that has to wait for a little bit longer yet.