Thursday, July 17, 2008

In which there were some tasty bits

I know, I know, two posts in a day? I'm going to burn out!

I just had to share what I did today. My lunch plans fell through, but I saw no reason not to make good use of the items I had picked up anyway. So while watching the last two days' stages of the Tour (I didn't get through yesterdays, but I haven't got time now, darn!), and knitting a bit, I slapped a quick meal together.

Gazpacho (and the solids left over from straining make an excellent spread/dip for a snack), melted brie on toast and a mango shake/fizz (with blueberries).


And for tea? (BC) Cherry Clafoutis. I used Miss Posie's directions (I like to whisk the egg and sugar together first). I made a batch in a 9.5" dish, but had more custard/batter left over than I chose to throw out, so out came the Mason jars! 6 cherries to a jar, custard to just below the threads, and voila, single-serving desserts (I got 6 jars worth). They didn't take quite as long as the big dish to bake of course, but are so much cuter.


Want to come by? I made extra.

Man (or Anyone) Cowl

As there were enough requests after my last post, here is a quick write-up (a recipe, really) for my Man Cowl (ravelry link).
Sorry for re-hashing the other photos, so little free daylight time for me lately.
Hope it makes sense, and let me know if anything needs clarification/correction.



Man (or Anyone) Cowl

Yarn - I used about 150g of fingering weight yarn held doubled (Fleece Artist Sea Wool). I believe a similar amount of worsted weight would do as well.
Needles - Circular(s) or DPNs suitable to get gauge. I used 5.0mm.
Notions - A stitch marker to mark the round (optional).

Finished size: Approximately 11" wide (22" in circumference) by 14" in length.

Gauge: Not terribly drastic, but 20st/4"

Notes: The stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of 10+1 stitches. I used 101, but if you prefer a snugger fitting item, I ould suggest reducing by 10 or 20 stitches, depending.

Cast on 101 stitches (multiple of 10+1) using preferred method (I used a longtail cast-on).
Garter edging - *P1 round, K1 round* 3 times, P1 round
Transition - Note: the last stitch of each round will be the first knit stitch of the next round. The result of that is that the purl stitches will start to spiral to the right.
Round 1: *K1, P9* to one stitch from end
Round 2: *K2, P8* to one stitch from end
Round 3: *K3, P7* to one stitch from end
Round 4: *K4, P6* to one stitch from end
Round 5: *K5, P5* to one stitch from end
Round 6: *K6, P4* to one stitch from end
Round 7: *K7, P3* to one stitch from end
Round 8: *K8, P2* to one stitch from end
Main Portion - Mark beginning of round and work *K9, P1* until desired length (approximately 11.5" from start, about 60 rounds)
Transition - Note: I worked exactly 60 rounds which ensured that the first repeat of the round was larger than the others by one stitch. If you work a number of rounds that is not a multiple of 10 rounds, you will need to identify it (it will be apparent in the first round, as it will interrupt the stitch pattern) and work one extra knit stitch in that repeat (absorbing that extra one stitch). I have indicated this at the start of the round, but it may be in a different place depending how long you knit the main portion.
Round 1: K9, P2 *K8, P2* to end
Round 2: K8, P3 *K7, P3* to end
Round 3: K7, P4 *K6, P4* to end
Round 4: K6, P5 *K5, P5* to end
Round 5: K5, P6 *K4, P6* to end
Round 6: K4, P7 *K3, P7* to end
Round 7: K3, P8 *K2, P8* to end
Round 8: K2, P9 *K1, P9* to end
Round 9: K1, P to end
Garter Edging - *K1 round, P1 round* 3 times, K1 round, bind off in Purl.
Finishing - Weave in ends, block, be awesome.



Friday, July 11, 2008

In which I totally keep a promise

So, last time I said I would show you what I did when I couldn't knit.

Um, yeah, I bought yarn. Specifically Fleece Artist Seconds. For... cheap.

I bought four skeins of the basic merino sock in assorted colourways...





Which are now hanging out on my windowsill being 'inspiration' (they are so pretty). They are all oversized seconds, so I might get a pair out of these myself, and I may or may not play with some designy ideas. Maybe.


I also got two skeins of Fleece Artist Seawool seconds in some cozy brown colour. I decided I needed a man-cowl (ravelry link). I do not yet know if I can pull it off, but it is commmmm-fy.


(I just came out of the shower, hence the hair)


It was super simple, but would anyone like to see a little pattern written up?



Until next time, lovely people! I think it might be time for some non-yarn pictures, too, but we shall see.

(ETA Link)