Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Knit, Knit, Knitting away.

So I was up on campus, as I tend to do be during the day, and I had hunkered down into a corner bench, bundled in my scarf to keep out the biting wind. There were a few other people scattered around, most listening to music or eating or talking casually amongst themselves. And I was knitting. Clickity clacking with my metal needles. Nobody seemed to mind, I really wasn't very intrusive.

Then a young lady (I presume another student) meanders into the little ring of benches, talking quite loudly on her cellphone: "So, he was like totally into me? And I was all, we should get together? And he was, oh, so, totally?" I'm sure you know the type. Now I didn't mind this, everything in the vicinity gave everyone else the same "just ignore her, she'll leave on her own" grin, and I keep knit, knit, knitting away.

But then, she turns to me, and I shudder, anticipating the "Oh, like, that looks SO totally complicated, I've always loved knitted things? And like..." As I said, you probably know the type. But no, something much more surprising comes out of her mouth: "Ummmmm, excuse me? You are like, being SO totally rude? I am trying to have a conversation here?" I give her my patented skeptical over-the-glasses-query look. No effect. "Ummmm, excuse me? Did you like, not hear me?" Oh yes, yes I heard her, and all about her, and how she like 'totally wanted to jump his bone?' (My apologies for the indecency, but my life is not censored, neither is my blog). And you know what, everyone else in the ring heard her, and, at this point, most of them were paying attention to our interaction. I look up, flash a grin, then keep on knit, knit, knitting away.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, exCUSE mE? Did you like, not hear me? I am trying to talk to someone?" Funny, I thought she was doing, well, I have no idea what. "Can you like, just stop that, or like, ummm, go away or something dude?" This time, I give the over-the-glasses-query look, followed by a knowing grin. And I speed up my knitting, which, for me at least, results in noticeably louder clickity clacking, and I keep on knit, knit, knitting away.

"Like, oh-em-gee, some people are so rude? I can't believe this guy? Like, ugh?" ANd she hustles off on her merry way in quite a tizzy. I once again reduce my knitting to a comfortable pace, smile at everyone in the ring, everyone grins at everyone else, and I keep on knit, knit, knitting away.


Photos in a day or two, I have a big Latin test and a large Art Education assignment due tomorrow, as well as a farewell party for a very dear friend.
I'll just include a link to a post I made on the Lime & Violet message boards about another rant of mine, something that happened to me the other day, which put me in a much fouler mood that my exchange with the young lady this afternoon.
Happy Hallowe'en.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have your time, and now you will never get it back!

Ahem, moving on.

So I finished one half of something with that red wool. That something is another pair of Fetching (no photos right now). They are for a dear friend of mine who is moving back to Australia. On the 3rd. Her farewell bash is the 1st.

Anyway. I finished one of the "gloves", and was elated, wow, only three days! But something felt amiss... I sat and stared at it for, quite literally, fifteen minutes. Did I miss a cable? No. Laddering? Nope. Poor finishing? Yes.... I mean, no, I just don't like the thumb directions. Oh. There we go. I only have ONE. I sh-kn-it you not, I spent fifTEEN minutes figuring this out. There is a reason I do not take maths courses. I'ma go knit, I mean, write my Psychology paper. I mean knit. Yea, knit.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Life, love and the prosciutto happiness

I think they call this startitis.

I used to be such a good, monogamous knitter.

This project has a deadline. Oy.

Friday, October 20, 2006

An experiment

So I've been doing a lot of studying and paper writing, as well as a little knitting.

I have abandoned one mystery project. Well, not abandoned, but it has been changed from PPs to PMs, as I think I would have a nervous breakdown due to the accumulation of stress lately if I had to keep on trying to design it, there were just too many factors against me. Maybe I'll try again when the situation is more favourable.

I stopped by my not-so-LYS because I was in the neighbourhood (re: downtown) picking up a travelling tube for my art education class. Apparently they carry Addi Turbos. Which I have never tried. And I recall my mystery pattern book saying that it could be worked on 12" circulars. Apparently the smallest they carry is 16". So I said 'what the heck' and bought them. Yea... not so smart. But now I have a pair of Addi Turbos to play with. If I ever start a project requiring 16" circs... Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

...Is there any sort of ritual I can perform to purge bad knitting karma?

Friday, October 13, 2006

One. Is the loneliest number that you'll ever be..

I'm not actually lonely, and neither are any of my knitting projects!

I'm afraid to post everything here, in case it goes pear shapes (see my last post about the socks. I'm convinced it was due to overconfidence).

I finished off a gift for a friend, Knithulhu. Check out the Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft if you are confused.

Also, I got gauge after two days of trying for my latest project. Yay! Fair Isle (two colour) is nowhere near as hard as I had anticipated.

Hopefully I'll have some blog-worthy progress in a few days.

Monday, October 9, 2006

SPC October -- 01

The theme for Self Portrait Challenge this month is "imperfection". I've really spent a lot of time thinking about it. In fact, too much so far, my classes are suffering. I've also been busy and this is the first moment I have had to compose something. I decided to just jump right in with something heavy.

You can't see it in the first photo there, I just chose to include that one because I like it. But it sets the mood as well. I am swaddled in my bed, you can see a corner of my favourite red wall behind me, I have my head resting on my left bicep/arm, a very common position for me. In short, I am in a place of comfort. You may wonder how comfort fits in with imperfection, but it does, trust me.

You can see it there, on my upper arm. That tiny little scar. It's only 2 inches long. It is hidden by even my shortest t-shirt sleeve. I am not embarrased to have a scar on my arm, accidents are a way of life. Well, I wouldn't be ashamed either if it were from one of life's little hiccoughs. That little scar has faded a lot over the last, what's it been, 4, 5 years that I came by it? It also used to be accompanied by a host of other scars and blemishes, some smaller, some bigger, but this little one is the one that decided to stay.

It all came from a place of comfort (you see my tie-in?). A place of artificial comfort, a way out of the hassles of the day, a time to relax, and just... slip back, much as most people do with a hot bath, letting restfulness wash over them. It's not a place I turn to any more, but once it's in your blood, it's hard to get out. It serves to remind me, and nag me, and tempt me, and chide me. Comfort me, debase me, build me up, tear me down and spit on me.

Most people never notice that little scar, let alone think about where it came from, and even if they do, it's always ascribed to one of life's little hiccoughs.

I'm sorry if you came here looking for knitting today and got this little rant. I know a lot of (knit)bloggers fight with themselves about how much to include. I don't think I've put too much here, but I think it is enough. As always though, if anyone is unclear, or has questions or, well, anything, feel free to ask in the comments box. Given the nature of this post (and this month), definitely feel free to e-mail me privately as well, I know some people would be happier off not having to read more about this.

Lets see what I can find for next week. (as always, visit www.selfportraitchallenge.net)


Harumph. Bah Humbug. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrragh. Hulk Smash.

I don't know what's up, but I guess I'm just not in a productive headspace.
Those dishcloths? I'm 3/7 of the way done.
I've also started a Knithulhu for a friends birthday.
Have also agreed to design a pair of pogies by winter-time, or as soon as possible.
And those socks? They have gone all pear shaped.
In the photo below, the giant glowing white splotch is my pattern, and right now, it makes about as much sense to me as the formula on the blackboard. That is to say, with enough focus, I can make progress, but there is a reason I'm not taking any maths courses in school.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Busy bee

Oy. I have not forgotten my blog. There just hasn't been much to blog about per se. BUT! It's October. Meaning... Socktoberfest! No, I have not forgotten that either, but I have had a very very busy week. For now I shall just give you photos of my pattern modification. I won't know if it fits properly until a few more rounds in, and I don't have time right now. At present, it's very much on the fence. I can see it working or being frogged. For the record, it's 78 stitches on 3.0mm needles, the pattern calls for... 66 on 3 neeldes, I'm at 78 on 4. Oy. headaches.