Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In which the cardigan is zipping along still!

I'm not gone, don't worry! I was just moving. And cleaning. And unpacking. And sorting and packing again for an upcoming trip (hello NYC!) and another move soon (hello Vancouver!).

For now, just some photos.

Left front,

Left Front

And a complete sleeve (even though it's not all in the photo),

Sleeve (1)

And part of another sleeve!

Sleeve (2)

More news later.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In which another panel is finished

Well, right front panel of the cardigan is also done now! I would go and start charting the left front panel, but all my knitting books are boxed up for a few days whilst moving.

Right Front

And here's a closeup of the raglan shaping.

Right Front

A few people have asked about a pattern. I won't be writing a full pattern (I have no desire to make the charts available, I've used reams of graph paper to piece mine together, and scaling for sizes is out of the question), but if enough people express an interest in maybe a guideline through my process, I would consider making that available. So, if you're interested, better let me know!

And now I must go work on my thesis a bit more (it's due tomorrow, and then I will be done my degree!)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In which there is so much cabling

So, first off, I've finished the back of the cardigan. I didn't get a decent photo of the whole thing, but here's the Raglan decreases.


And I started the right front (about 8" in so far). I've got information on Flickr about the cables I'm using. The yarn is just good old Cascade 220, and the pattern is based off of a few different general raglan designs, but you know, with more cables. There are some more exciting things tentatively planned for this cardigan, so keep your eyes peeled!

Right Front

Monday, April 4, 2011

In Which Cabling Begins Anew!

Lovely ladies and gentlemen! I give to you the start of the back portion of the Aran Cardigan. It's about 23" wide (when blocked) and at this point about 8" long (around halfway to underarms) after like 3 and a half days of knitting. This project is ripping along! I promise more information about pattern/design soon, or even sooner if y'all harass me.

Whole back

Moss stitch diamond and ribbed cable

moss stitch diamond and honeycomb