Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In which I present proof

Well golly gee, I only finished this first sock AGES ago, and am still trying to get the second done when I have bits and bobs of time.

Not really in the mood for chatting folks. See you around!



Monday, November 17, 2008

In which the beast surfaces!

Oh dear.
Oh dearie dearie me.

I am terribly sorry for my complete and unforgivable disappearance from the interwebs, fine people!
I would post more (er, at all), if I had any free time! I am just barely keeping afloat in my courses (I'm doing well enough to be comfortable), and trying to keep my place of employment in one piece (or at least several *clean* pieces).
There has been knitting, minimal but present. I have completed 1 (one) Ironwork sock, and will get my tuccus in gear after the current round of tests and papers clear out. I am still negotiating the use of a camera (so desperate...), but hopefully come mid-December I will be able to cram knitting in aplenty (I have an urge to make a sweater - just a simple-ish raglan), else I may lose it completely!

Miss you all, and I will be back the second I have pictures!

love, Michael

P.S. The little fuzzball is doing well, quite the terror still.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In which the sheepishness continues

It's been a month? Really? Oops.

Hemlock Ring has not progressed.
Swatch has not progressed.
Shetland Triangle has not progressed.
Ironwork Socks have been cast on (progressing slowly).
Kitten is getting bigger and possibly cuter. Oh, didn't I mention? There is a kitten in my life now, who happens to be an adorable longhaired grey tabby called Xavier. No, of course he's not interfering with my knitting time, why do you ask? (sorry about the poor photo)

Back to studying and some kitting. Er Kittening. Er... Knitting?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In which I am beat

Wow. I have been gone for... far too long.

In that time I have knit a vest, started a shawl (Shetland Triangle), started a blanket (Hemlock Ring) and started designing myself a new sweater. I have also moved into a new house across town with some pretty fun individuals (and I am *finally* unpacked).

On the downside, I no longer have access to a camera, though I plan to work on that soonish, and the move and new digs and work have just left me wiped.

So I am sorry I have not been about more, either here or flickr or Ravelry (or even Plurk... I so cannot keep up with that anymore). I will try to at least keep you all updated verbally until I lay my hands on some picture-taking solution.

Until later, enjoy the rest of summer!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In which there were some tasty bits

I know, I know, two posts in a day? I'm going to burn out!

I just had to share what I did today. My lunch plans fell through, but I saw no reason not to make good use of the items I had picked up anyway. So while watching the last two days' stages of the Tour (I didn't get through yesterdays, but I haven't got time now, darn!), and knitting a bit, I slapped a quick meal together.

Gazpacho (and the solids left over from straining make an excellent spread/dip for a snack), melted brie on toast and a mango shake/fizz (with blueberries).


And for tea? (BC) Cherry Clafoutis. I used Miss Posie's directions (I like to whisk the egg and sugar together first). I made a batch in a 9.5" dish, but had more custard/batter left over than I chose to throw out, so out came the Mason jars! 6 cherries to a jar, custard to just below the threads, and voila, single-serving desserts (I got 6 jars worth). They didn't take quite as long as the big dish to bake of course, but are so much cuter.


Want to come by? I made extra.

Man (or Anyone) Cowl

As there were enough requests after my last post, here is a quick write-up (a recipe, really) for my Man Cowl (ravelry link).
Sorry for re-hashing the other photos, so little free daylight time for me lately.
Hope it makes sense, and let me know if anything needs clarification/correction.



Man (or Anyone) Cowl

Yarn - I used about 150g of fingering weight yarn held doubled (Fleece Artist Sea Wool). I believe a similar amount of worsted weight would do as well.
Needles - Circular(s) or DPNs suitable to get gauge. I used 5.0mm.
Notions - A stitch marker to mark the round (optional).

Finished size: Approximately 11" wide (22" in circumference) by 14" in length.

Gauge: Not terribly drastic, but 20st/4"

Notes: The stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of 10+1 stitches. I used 101, but if you prefer a snugger fitting item, I ould suggest reducing by 10 or 20 stitches, depending.

Cast on 101 stitches (multiple of 10+1) using preferred method (I used a longtail cast-on).
Garter edging - *P1 round, K1 round* 3 times, P1 round
Transition - Note: the last stitch of each round will be the first knit stitch of the next round. The result of that is that the purl stitches will start to spiral to the right.
Round 1: *K1, P9* to one stitch from end
Round 2: *K2, P8* to one stitch from end
Round 3: *K3, P7* to one stitch from end
Round 4: *K4, P6* to one stitch from end
Round 5: *K5, P5* to one stitch from end
Round 6: *K6, P4* to one stitch from end
Round 7: *K7, P3* to one stitch from end
Round 8: *K8, P2* to one stitch from end
Main Portion - Mark beginning of round and work *K9, P1* until desired length (approximately 11.5" from start, about 60 rounds)
Transition - Note: I worked exactly 60 rounds which ensured that the first repeat of the round was larger than the others by one stitch. If you work a number of rounds that is not a multiple of 10 rounds, you will need to identify it (it will be apparent in the first round, as it will interrupt the stitch pattern) and work one extra knit stitch in that repeat (absorbing that extra one stitch). I have indicated this at the start of the round, but it may be in a different place depending how long you knit the main portion.
Round 1: K9, P2 *K8, P2* to end
Round 2: K8, P3 *K7, P3* to end
Round 3: K7, P4 *K6, P4* to end
Round 4: K6, P5 *K5, P5* to end
Round 5: K5, P6 *K4, P6* to end
Round 6: K4, P7 *K3, P7* to end
Round 7: K3, P8 *K2, P8* to end
Round 8: K2, P9 *K1, P9* to end
Round 9: K1, P to end
Garter Edging - *K1 round, P1 round* 3 times, K1 round, bind off in Purl.
Finishing - Weave in ends, block, be awesome.



Friday, July 11, 2008

In which I totally keep a promise

So, last time I said I would show you what I did when I couldn't knit.

Um, yeah, I bought yarn. Specifically Fleece Artist Seconds. For... cheap.

I bought four skeins of the basic merino sock in assorted colourways...





Which are now hanging out on my windowsill being 'inspiration' (they are so pretty). They are all oversized seconds, so I might get a pair out of these myself, and I may or may not play with some designy ideas. Maybe.


I also got two skeins of Fleece Artist Seawool seconds in some cozy brown colour. I decided I needed a man-cowl (ravelry link). I do not yet know if I can pull it off, but it is commmmm-fy.


(I just came out of the shower, hence the hair)


It was super simple, but would anyone like to see a little pattern written up?



Until next time, lovely people! I think it might be time for some non-yarn pictures, too, but we shall see.

(ETA Link)

Friday, June 27, 2008

In Which Laminaria Gets Wrapped Up

So these photos have been up on flickr for... two weeks. Oops. I shall keep the words in check on this one, because really, I feel that visuals are far more exciting.


Pattern: Laminaria - Larger size, but smaller needles
Yarn: Fleece Artist Suri Blue - Under 2 skeins
Needles: 3.5mm Addi Lace
Start: April 29, 2008
End: June 11, 2008
For: Ms Happy
Modifications: Knit one extra repeat of Blossom Chart
Verdict: Yes. I kind of love it. And thankfully, I think Ms Happy does too. (And she blogged about it!)

Thank you all for the comments on the last post, both about the shawl and my... truck incident. I am almost back to normal, have a few remaining scrapes and my arm is still sore sometimes, but last night... I knit for the first time in two weeks! Yes! So what have I been doing for two weeks? I will show you next time. It involves stash.















Thursday, June 12, 2008

In which our hero has a cameo

Hallo folks and folkses.
Today is the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the year (ooh, and it's a Friday, too, spoooooky), which can only mean one thing., and that is that it is the (second) blogiversary of this here blog.

I had wanted to maybe hold a big giveaway/contest, but alas, I have nothing to give. Or perhaps I could have unveiled some shiny new blog layout, but no new layout is to be found.
Instead, I think a few 'thank yous' are in order.
Let me say first and foremost, thank you for reading and commenting and generally being all kinds of awesome (yes, you). Keep up the awesome, too.
Um, actually, that was sort of the big major one, but I've got on slightly smaller thanks as well.
Thanks to the wonderful Miss Happy for giving me an excuse to knit this. If I could make like a hobbit and provide gifts for you all on anniversaries (yes, I know a blogiversary isn't a birthday, but it's close enough), I would most gladly do so. For now, however, I must simply leave you with photos and good wishes.

Be well, everyone! I shall attempt to make a return to semi-regular posting in due time.
Oh, and Mademoiselle Happy, We had better see some shawl action shots, providing it is in fact to your liking (because people, the thing was entirely knit to my whim, she has just been the unwitting bystander in all this).

Last minute edit!
I am so glad I typed that all last night because after taking tonnes of photos, I went and got winged by a truck door on my home from lunch. I am bruised and battered and the radiologist says my arm is not broken (though from the outside, it looks like it could have been fractured), and I am in general, quite ok, if tender. Also, my right wrist is very unhappy, so I will have to leave uploading photos until at least tomorrow. But I can give you these two pictures for now, with a promise of more to come.



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In which I am such a poser

Today is the twenty-eighth day of May.
I last updated on the sixteenth day of May.
I am seeing a sparse posting schedule here.
Hmmm indeed.

I have not had much to post about either, though I have finished one extra repeat on Laminaria, and am debating adding more (I have *tonnes* of yarn left, but the stitch count grows ever greater), it still looks about the same as the last picture of it.

Ditto on the socks: not much more interesting.

I have been low on energy during my personal (knitting) time lately, partly due to being fairly busy with other things. I have found it more relaxing to spend my time drawing or reading. That is not to say that I am not knitting, it is just going slowly.
I do not wish to be vague with you wonderful people, as I do know where my energy and zest has gone, but if you are desperately in need of an answer feel free to give me a shout (I don't feel like divulging to the general public at this point, sorry).

Again, sorry, but unless anyone wants to see some of my doodles and such this might continue to be a little quiet, but I have definitely not abandoned ship!

Friday, May 16, 2008

In which there is both progress and news. And PURPLE.

"Damnit Martha, I said no! Absolutely not!"


"But Joe, honey, it'd only be for a few days."


"I can't hear you, I'm reading the paper..."
"I don't complain when *your* in laws come to town!"

Well, i think we can leave them be.

"Nice day, mister."


"Sure is, kid. What do I owe yah?"


"A big shiny dollar sir. Enjoy the sun!"


Hey, we have SUN, actual nice SUN! But wow, look at that yarn! Talk about PURPLE! Koigu KPM in colour 3000. It is destined for a pair of socks soon.

Also, Laminaria!
I've gotten though 6 of the 8 blossom repeats, but I think I will likely add a few more repeats to add size, since I'm using smaller needles than I should have.


Fleece Artist, Suri Blue. Mrowr. So soft.


Yum, unblocked lace.

Have a good day, and I hope spring has arrived wherever you are!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In which you should look over there, quick!

So, latest guilty pleasure... PLease don't judge me, the album was under ten dollars! And it is officially my new favourite driving music, for now. (mostly though, I wish there were a club under *my* desk)

So, did I distract you from lack of knitting? I will post pictures when the shawl looks a little more interesting... honest!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In which I am far too easily amused

I would just like to say that it is a ridiculous amount of fun watching people try to fold a pre-seamed BSJ into a jacket.
Substance to come in a future post, because I am going to enjoy our first perfect spring day!

Oh, here's another lovely springish tune from another Canadian musician. (song starts about 45 seconds in, if you want to skip the preamble. This has had my toes tapping for a few weeks now.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In which our hero regresses. Roar!

So I knit a Baby Surprise Jacket. Uh, forgot to mention that, surprise? Really it took all of four days, most of which were not spent knitting, so it could have gone much quicker.


I haven't seamed the sleeves because I know some folks here who want to see it (and I like watching people trying to figure out how to fold it into a jacket). It will probably hang out as a store sample, since I'm not aware of any upcoming babies.


I used just under 2 balls of Regia 6-ply 'Square Color' (colourway 1126) on 3.5mm needles, and ended up with basically a newborn size, it is quite wee (and as everyone else knows, ohmywordsocute). Hey look, my needle storage system! (circulars hang on my wall elsewhere).


In other news, MALABRGIO LACEWEIGHT. I believe the proper term is 'fall down. Go boom'.


Colour number VAA 51. Descriptive, nu?


It's this wonderful swampy green mix.


The pictures don't really do it justice, it have more olive tones to it.


For some reason this colour makes me think of dinosaurs...


I have no idea why.


I'm also thinking Laminaria for this stuff. Mmm.


And finally, thank you ALL for the wonderful comments on my vest. it has been getting plenty of wear in this transitional season.

Have a good one, peoples!