Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Break from Break

Well, now that reading break is over, I have some time to knit and blog a little bit. (not really, I am lying to myself by pretending that this week isn't crazy)

So. I have been doing some knitting on my sweater. I am about 3" in, and it's nice and relaxing. Hopefully I will have enough yarn for the style I am trying, and I think I will. Above is my little drawing of what I have in mind, and below is my progress.

Also, I got a package yesterday! A while ago I sent off a set of Addi circulars to a certain individual on the Lime and Violet messageboards (I can't use Addis, grrr), and she sent me a thank you package! I was completely floored and it made me so very happy when I got home from class. First, two skeins of Knitpicks Memories in Fly Fishing (this is the first I have seen of Knitpicks in person. I don't fish, but this is some handsome looking yarn!

Also, what might be just the single cutest thing I have ever seen. I don't know where you got this pin, but I would be very curious to find out! It makes me grin like a fool whenever I see it.

Once, again, thank you Caysie, you are too sweet!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ooh, I actually have some stuff to say and show today!

First, I acquired a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's 'Knitting Without Tears' yesterday. And then I read it, which has lead me to a few more points.
A) I am quite fond of her chatty writing style. It is nice, and I find it MUCH easier to follow than some other knitting books.
B) I will be making a Saddle-Shouldered Sweater, as per EZ. Well, I plan to. See below.

Second, I acquired a good wad of Madarin Soft cotton from a wonderful local lady. I received enough for a sweater. But not all in one colour, but in two: green and grey. She suggested alternating them row by row. It doesn't turn out stripey, and looks very nice. However, I got thinking. Saddle-shoulder + two colours, hmmm. I am thinking about doing the sleeves/shoulder portion in the grey, and the body in the green. The colours are slightly off below, they are a shade darker and richer, but you get the idea. Any thoughts or warnings?

Third, I got one of the currently unshowable projects done and done! Still can't show that one though.

Fourth and finally, Anyone remember the snow tigers? Well I finished them a week ago, but alack and alas, I couldn't tell you about it, because the recipient, Ms. H. checks in here now and then, and well, I wanted it to be a surprise for various reasons. These are they!

They were very well received. (glad you like them, kiddo!) A really straightforward and easy to knit design, except for the fact that a certain someone requested stripes. Which was in fact a pleasant challenge.

I do have one question for all the bloggers out there. Prior to my switching to New Blogger, I would be able to reply to individuals by e-mail when they commented. I can no longer do this! (and I miss that ability, I liked being able to respond to everyone) Is this just part of New Blogger, or is there some setting I have overlooked? Help!!!!!!!!!

I leave you with one very pleased looking Princetonian. (You said this was OK by you, lemme know if you want me to get rid off it)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vote Michael!

So this is again, from one of my courses. It was actually completed well before that last thing...
Anyway, big fan of the project, I enjoy lino block cutting to no end, it seems. The general class consensus was that these make me look like the dictator of a small South American country. I wouldn't say I take it as a compliment, but it WAS the one assignment which let me feel like I was keeping pace with the group (this is what I get for being in a class with *real* art students).
Eh, whatever. Still no knitting going on right now. Going to pick up Knitting Without Tears tomorrow if my LYS still has a copy in. Might make a sweater out of it, but I would kind of like to have it on hand regardless.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


But it's not knitting! Because I have no knitting content that I can show you. Yet. Soon, I promise.

You might recall this WIP. http://thisboyknits.blogspot.com/2007/01/non-knitting-wip.html

Well, it was for a course of mine. The assignment was to take the human figure (or part) and some sort of interaction (with anything), and then incorporate the dimension of space (this was somewhat open to interpretation, be it actual space, or depth, or what have you). Examples given were a hand holding a doggie treat above a dog's nose, or that scene in the Sistene Chapel, with Adam and G-d's hands outstretched, and it is just SO charged. Anyway. There was one more criteria. It was to be made out of corrugated cardboard and white glue. Go!

Ummmm, ok?
Anyway, this was my interpretation. Which was completely tame compared to some of the work done by others (the detail and level of artistry and ingenuity displayed by certain individuals in that class is.... just ASTOUNDING. And then you remember, "oh, that's done with CARDBOARD, too!") No photos of those though, you only get mine, sorry!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi folks

Just a short story today.

So I was plopped down on the lino outside of one of my courses yesterday, waiting for the class before us to spill out, and I was knitting away on, well, a large red sock (I almost always knit before this particular course). When someone plops down beside me. I (understandably) turn to face this individual, and I don't recognise them. This is most often bad. This lady then proceeds to pull the knitting out of my hands (isn't that like getting between an animal and it's food?), goes on to thoroughly inspect it (I raise my eyebrow quizzically. I figure if she decides to assault it more violently, no one will stop me eviscerating her with a fistful of DPNs.), and then hand it back to me. She then nods and, in a fairly noticeable accent (maybe Russian or something? I think she must have been a graduate student or sommat), compliments the heck out of me! Turns out that she is a knitter as well, and we chatted about Continental (European, according to her) versus English knitting, Kaffe Fassett, the relative difficulties of socks, and so on. There may yet be hope for this town.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Go Stuff A Skein In It

To the... lady (and I use the term loosely here) who gave me serious heck in the coffee spot today:
-Yes, I think knitting is cool! (but, I'm biased)
-No, that is NOT why I do it. (but it doesn't hurt)
-I don't do it to 'trick some poor girl into thinking [I'm] sensitive' (as we all know, that is silly talk!)
-I do not think that I am 'some sort of hot [stuff]' (and I don't appreciate that language being directed at me in an angry tone in public, thank you veyr much)
-I do not, by ANY means, think 'having [certain parts] makes [me] better than [ladies] who knit' (I'm sorry, remind me to wear my Pretentious t-shirt next time I'm in public. And yes, I do have one, it's post-ironic, I swear!)
-However, I do think that I have better manners than certain individuals, ma'am. (And for once, I don't feel bad saying that)
-I am by no means 'some kind of [adjective] yarn snob' (I am a student, I cannot afford to be so, and would not wish to be so anyway! Nobody likes a snob)
-And finally... Well I won't say it in public (unlike some people, evidently), but it involves a skein, a craw, and stuffing.

Ahem, allow me to straighten my cravat.

In knitting news:
-For now secret project which I only have a few days to wrap up, and there is a good chance you will see it soon regardless.
-I might start Saranac, form Knitty's Man Issue at some point soonish. I hope.

And now back to silence and 'studying'.

Monday, February 5, 2007


Ummm, oops?

I know it's not terribly Project Spectrum, but it IS cheery.

Schoeller Stall, Hobby Kids. 3 of them. For some socks in the nearish future.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

oh, right.

Hah, so I remembered that I do have something I can post. Wee (Bondage) Beasties 3 and 4 of 9.

Also, after seeing this post, I really really want to make some similarly coloured socks, Project Spectrum be darned! (I will do something for it soon, I promise)

This is all. Have a good one, folks!

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Well, it's February. That means it is time for two months of white, blue and grey for Project Spectrum. Party!

I'll contribute when/if I acquire a functioning camera. I'm sitll not doing much anyway right now, but this amuses me:
I am:
Isaac Asimov
One of the most prolific writers in history, on any imaginable subject. Cared little for art but created lasting and memorable tales.

Which science fiction writer are you?