Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In which Hap Baby is released!

Alright lovely folks, I have a new pattern for you!

Hap Baby

Very loosely inspired by Shetland hap blankets, and mostly based on my desire to knit some chunky lace in a good woolly wool. Enter Cascade Eco - at about 14st/4" and with a whopping plus-400 meters a skein, knitting up on 6.5mm needles, it was the perfect candidate.

Hap Baby Blanket

Now, I love me some garter stitch, so I paired that with some simple lace motifs, and the while thing knit up in less than a week!

Hap Baby Blanket

As always, I appreciate your support and the pattern is available through Ravelry (link below) or a hard copy will be available through Urban Yarns (as soon as I get to the printer)

And of course, questions, comments, thoughts, please let me know!

Hap Baby Blanket

Old Shale Border

Monday, January 2, 2012

In which a new year...

Happy New Year, peoples!

One of my favourite comments about New Years that I've heard so far is about not using it as a chance to dwell on the past year, but to look forward to the next one.

I just finished a super quick, super lovely knit - Honey Cowl out of Madelinetosh Vintage (instead of one of the DK yarns) in Copper Penny. I used two skeins and 5.00mm needles. The result is a slightly narrower, but squooshier cowl. I didn't do a very good job of picking two similar skeins, so I ended up striping them in the middle to transition between them. I haven't gone a day without wearing this since I finished it!

Pattern is available for free through Madelinetosh. It seems like every one of us at Urban Yarns has oen of these cowls knit up, and we are all just a little bit nuts about the yarn...

Honey Cowl

Oh, and I've got the pattern for the baby blanket all ready to go - just waiting on some final corrections and details, and it should be up in a day or two hopefully!

If you wanted to plan ahead, the pattern as written calls for one (and really, it used the whole skein, so beware) skein of Cascade Eco and 6.5mm needles (in your favourite small and large diameter circular configuration - I used magic loop, then regular circular methods).

Hap Baby