Sunday, July 23, 2006

And a yo ho ho to you too!

So I haven't knit in a spell now, still debating about that sweater thing ("Basketcase" from Tara Jon Manning's 'Men In Knits' is quite likely to get done though. Yarn Shoppe is closed until Tuesdya though. Nuts). But I found something that is really tempting me to do another pair of socks. Argyle Socks. Deliciously subversive Argyle Socks.
Coupled with an old Monarch Knits sock magazine (pre-1945, I forget the precise date right now) which has a load of applicable sock designs, including Argyle Socks (and they are all men's sizes!!!), I may have a back-burner sock pattern in the works. If only I could have figured this out yesterday, BEFORE the Shoppe closed for two days...


  1. Argyle Socks!!! You're a braver man than I. I fear the intarsia jungle :-)

  2. It's only a theory before. But it's a good excuse to learn a new technique. And it doesn't look THAT hard. (remember that, I will regret it)

  3. Don't hate me!!! Everybody's doing it!!!

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