Wednesday, July 5, 2006

One down, one to go

That's right, last night heralded the completion of a number of socks in the toe-up sock class. And mine was the first one off! There is one more class, for those who haven't finished, troubleshooting and whatever folks want. I'm hoping I can finish my second one for next week (yes it's possible).

I'm now in need of another project! The ladies expressed interest in seeing some of my "monsters" so I might try and cook up some new ones for next week. But what I really want to do is start a sweater, in the hopes of having it done for the fall. So far Saranac is appealing to me, but I'm more than open to suggestions!

Aww, it looks so lonely! Well, maybe I'll get started on the foot tonight after work (first training shift), as I got the toes worked up last night (and without trouble this time, hurrah!). I'm really pleased with the length, they make perfect "footlets", and I'm still in love with the farrow rib!


  1. that yarn is awesome!!! what is it??? congrats on the toe-up :-) i'm working on my first pair of socks right now... I can't w8 to show them off....

  2. The yarn is 'Buttons' from Naturally Hand Knit Yarns ( in shade 883, some of the ladies in the class used other colours, it's definitely a fun range. I'd love to see your socks as well!

  3. Hey, wasn't someone just crying out that these socks were going to be so HUGE? What happened??

    I love that yarn! Really nice... They look good! I like a bit more length for the leg, but that is me. I think you need to finish the mate quickly, and get started on another pair! Fast -- before you forget how!


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