Saturday, August 26, 2006

SPC -- 01

So that self-portrait challenge, eh?
I guess this is my weeks entry.
Every now and then something will fall behind my bed, which means I must crawl under and find it. Sometimes a book falls, and I usually lie there for a good while, wedged tightly between poorly sanded bed frame and scratchy carpet.

I recommend it to everyone. Posted by Picasa


  1. wow. you have a lot of room under your bed. i always wondered how one could hide under one's bed...i guess i am the only one with a bed only 3" off the floor.

    this SPC looks fun. i may have to join in!!

    p.s. kudos to you for having no dust bunnies under there!

  2. Looks very ... ummm ... comfy :-)

  3. there's so much stuff under my bed, i would be there for days!!!

  4. It's cozy. And cleaner than the rest of my room.

    Oh hush. Don't judge me!


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