Thursday, August 17, 2006

You're kidding me. I had a huge post, and blogger ate it. BCotC! Long story short. Grandfather had huge surgery yesterday, all seems well. Attended a big going away party last ngiht which had MANY amusing finds (I hope those photos stay where they are). and... yes. there goes 15 minutes of typing. damn.

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  1. the scarf looks gr8! what fancy pics :-)

  2. wow, what a fancy tea cozy!! =P
    the scarf is looking great. any ideas about what you are going to do with the ends yet?

  3. No ideas yet. As I had typed before blogger ate my post, I am preparing to start the second 80-row 4x4 rib section, and I am going to hold off a few days so that I don't go stark raving mad from the Van Dyck (nice, but it's a lot of burgundy). As a result, I've started "fetching" for Ms. H.


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