Friday, September 15, 2006

It's good my name isn't Grendel, or else this scarf would have killed me

Damn you Blogger.


So, you know those fall days, chilly, but sunny, which hint of some more summer?

This was not one of those. It's still summer.

It was way too hot to model a (mostly) wool scarf, But I tried.

And failed. I mean, really, out of 20+ shots of me wearing the damn thing, the only semi decent one is of my back. And my West Coast socks-with-sandals laissez-faire attitude.And because I'm told some people like these...
Pattern: Beowulf. I made it up.
Yarn: Van Dyck. 3 and a bit balls.
Needles: Aero... 7mm?
Dimensions: Taller than me, but not as wide.
Odds and Sodds: Provisional cast on. Cables. Actually a Saoxn braid. The SAME Saxon braid adornign the collar of a sweater in the new Rowan. I think.



  1. I love it. The colour, the cable work, everything. So much so that I'm thinking of doing one for me. Good thing I'm shorter ;-)

  2. Beautiful!!!! you should wear it everyday... to show you've conquered the beast :-)

  3. Oh, that is great! Wow... to do a scarf that is longer than you are --- that takes perseverence! Gotta give you credit for that!
    And all those cables! So now you won't have any fear of doing them, right? Perfect project to learn a technique.
    Okay, now let's start on that Aran sweater ---

  4. Beautiful! I'm saving this to put on my list of "things to knit" -- thumbs up!


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