Sunday, September 10, 2006

Knitting away, on the thin ice of the new day

So. I still knit. Really I do! See?
I've gotten out of the 80-row choas theory doldrums and am fully ensconced in the braid pattern (less than two to go!). Then comes the end. Divine inspiration anyone?

It's also long. It is at nose level with me right now (I am about 6'1"), and I have about... 6 more inches to knit before ends/fringe. This is good, as nothing frustrates me more than too short scarves.

Also, I have started University. So far it involves getting my ass kicked by the Cyrillic alphaveet, reading an (excellent) essay analyzing the Alien trilogy, hearing all about the Roman lewdness that Latin will enable me to read, discovering I actually have a studio art class and loathing pyschology for being my only class on Mondays. At 7:00 PM.

And now, work calls.

Oh, and another SPC is on it's way. Posted by Picasa


  1. It's looking good. Six feet worth, yowzer. That's a lot of cables. For the ends, do you want both fringe and points?

  2. I love cables and you do yours so well. The colour is wonderful but alas I am sorry to say you are going to have a job to make that stocking stitch lie flat!! Try blocking it to an inch of its life and pray that it takes.

  3. i think a tassel, and the ponits would ve really cute :-)


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