Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have your time, and now you will never get it back!

Ahem, moving on.

So I finished one half of something with that red wool. That something is another pair of Fetching (no photos right now). They are for a dear friend of mine who is moving back to Australia. On the 3rd. Her farewell bash is the 1st.

Anyway. I finished one of the "gloves", and was elated, wow, only three days! But something felt amiss... I sat and stared at it for, quite literally, fifteen minutes. Did I miss a cable? No. Laddering? Nope. Poor finishing? Yes.... I mean, no, I just don't like the thumb directions. Oh. There we go. I only have ONE. I sh-kn-it you not, I spent fifTEEN minutes figuring this out. There is a reason I do not take maths courses. I'ma go knit, I mean, write my Psychology paper. I mean knit. Yea, knit.


  1. I followed your link from the L&V MB. Love the blog. LMAO at only having one. I can SOOO see me doing that.

  2. Too funny. That would also be something I would so!


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