Tuesday, November 14, 2006

...I tried to be good. I said no. They would have none of it.

I tried to leave, but they followed me home! Ah well, I need a pair of (fingerless?) gloves anyway. And fair isle WILL be twice as warm. And the yarn is so very nice... But I have to finish Ms. O's project first!

I think I can safely mention that I'm making fingerless gloves at my friends request. They *were* in two-tone cabling which I scrapped because I couldn't figure it out. I then switched to some fair isle which is just zipping along! And of course, when I got accosted by the Mission Falls in my LYS today, I found information in the Vogue Stitchionary (book 3 - colourwork) allll about two-tone cabling. Oh sweet yarn, I want those books so very very badly, they are a real source of ideas for me. Anyway, I REALLY have to go write that paper now...


  1. Yeah, I hate it when yarn follows me home. No matter what you say to it, it just keeps on acoming. Bad yarn! ;-)

    Good on ya! Fair isle on DPNs -- my nemesis. Or one of them, anyway. :-)

    Every time I see that tweedy, brownish yarn I drool. What is it?

  2. i like your fingerless gloves! i'm contemplating some for my mother-in-law right now. they really could be the perfect, easy knitted gift. :)

  3. ..the finger bit is going so very very pear shaped right now, I am somewhat distraught

  4. your fair isle is quite fancy... i'm going to try it after X-mas...

  5. See my blog about fingerless gloves!!!

    Your doing great job!!!! Sooo Fancy!!!


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