Thursday, November 2, 2006

A Single Manly Tear

Fecthing: Done. No photos, save some on a friends computer, will try to acquire. They were immensely well received and are now in Vancouver before a 6:30 flight to Australia tomorrow, layover in Fiji (possibly Hawaii as well), etc... Man, those gloves will have travelled farther than I have come their touchdown on Sunday... Also, I lied, not a single manly tear but rather some near-blubbering. A very dear friend of mine (Ms. L.) of the last five years is moving back down under, and I'm taking it much harder than I initially anicipated.

Ok, enough sap. *sniffle*

Secret project Orange And Black: Er, now back on the needles following the Fetching-induced hiatus. Progress is being made. Colourwork skills are advancing (can now manipulate both colours with one hand simultaneously. Ace.), but I have a hunch I botched something a few rows back, might scrap the design, make them into gloves. Yes, this would be version 3.0 of this project.

Secret project Green and... More Green: In the design process. Yes, design. All I'm saying for now is two-toned green cables. Need to review/recheck colourwork gauge for textured knitting, as I am not knitting for a baby... Also, if anyone knows any excellent glove patterns (ladies sized) in the 26-32 stitches per 10cm/4" range, I would appreciate it greatly. Oh man, do I love cables.

Not so secret project Beowulf: Due to interest on the Lime & Violet messageboards (you are all a bunch of liars and flatterers I'm convinced) I will be writing up my Beowulf pattern for use! Ideally I will include directions for modification of any "simple" cable design into a themed scarf/other project maybe. I said I would do it today, but as mentioned in the fetching announcement, I am beat. And I have a Russian test tomorrow. And Hebrew lessons tonight. Ahh! Any info on legality pertaining to knitting designs (I'm slightly concerned about copywright as I pulled the main cable design from a sitch dictionary, although I have seen it in multiple ones, and various projects across the web and such. I just do not want to mess that up) would be so very much appreciated!

Photos: No, no and no. I'm tired, it's been raining for a few days, and I don't want to jinx the secret projects (though they seem to do that fine all on their own).

Podcast: Am toying with it. Not too seriously so far, but I like the idea, I'm very much into spoken word and such lately. We shall see.

A side note: I'm getting sick I think. Shoot.

As always: I love feedback, opinions and commentary, have at me!

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