Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A day late

I said I'd post yesterday, oops. Oh well!
Progress as of this afternoon on The Helm (much further now, going to join the hem this evening in fact).

My provisional crochet cast-on. You know, the one that you pull and it magically disappears, leaving live stitches? Well, it wasn't that one, it was the kind that you have to unpick every. Single. Stitch. Thankfully I had Kirk to entertain me, and apparently influence my speech.

Black and (winter)white Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Merino for Mr vonA's pirate mittens. Can you tell I'm hooked on this stuff?

And finally, all the leaves, stacked in their signatures, waiting to get bound into a book. Will either become my journal, knitting book or cookbook, or some Frankensteinian collaboration of the three.

Exam on Saturday.


  1. Hey Nice helm! \../

    I can't wait to see those mittens.. ha ve you had a chance to start them yet?

  2. That helm is fabulous! nice work


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