Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A slippery slope

So my first international yarn order arrived today! It is two skeins of the Supersport Merino in Violet's Pink Ribbon from... LISA SOUZA! I have heard tell of her marvellous yarn but this puts all stories to shame, shame I say! And the worst part? I. Want. (nay, NEED) MORE! It is soft like all get out and at 375 yards (4 oz.) for $16(US) I am so sold. And of course, the colour is awesome. And no, I'm not a big wearer of pink, but this is for someone else (and that is a secret, shhh), but I get the joy of using the stuff.

How happy is this guy with the yarn? He is my new yarn model and he just makes me so happy! (My brother got him for my mother as a gift, and we might stash him in the garden when the weather clears up, ooh, and my mother wants to give him coloured robes and a gilded bellybutton. Don't ask, this is my family)

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  1. You're gonna love the LS yarn -- I've got some that I pull out and pet every once in a while. Guess I should actually knit with it, eh! :-)

    Great yarn holder!!


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