Saturday, January 6, 2007


So I am sorry for the inundation of photos of one project, I do this all the time I know, it is my monogamous knitter self coming out. I will try to break it up, go easy on y'all, can't have you getting bored! This shouldn't be TOO difficult, because, once February (I love that word) rolls around, I will be participating in Project Spectrum 2.0, hooray! I don't know how much of a craft colour thing it will be for me, as my crafting is limited, but I do have some ideas, and this is the kind of project that really fires me up (and I followed it avidly last year).

Anyway, today's knitting content is the fact that I believe to have met gauge for the Princeton Knucks. I ended up doubling the yarn for a really dense and squooshy fabric (and I hear it gets cold there, so I'm not worried), the fabric I was getting from single-stranding was just getting way too light for my taste as I kept going up needle sizes to meet gauge, but we shall see. I think Ms. H. and I have settled on an acceptable design (but I'm going to review that because you know, midnight sketches and IM ideas aren't always the best) and it is sufficiently tiger-y without being tacky (no Fair Isle Princeton crests).

In short, if I can keep the energy levels up long enough to have this finished in good time... I am excited! Yay! Shiny! *runs off to chase yarn*

(The ceramic piece in this photo is a little Greenman made by my aunt years ago. She may drive me crazy like my mother [her sister] but there is no denying the fact that they are both incredibly talented artists. And I love Greenmen, they are adorable.)


  1. cool pattern! is it just stockinette?

  2. Richard, it's a stockinette fabric using Fair Isle, but that's just the swatch, the gloves are knit in the round.


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