Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hello January

Heh, it's resolution and list season! Neither of which I really do, but I do set goals.

Planned Knitting (in possibly chronological order)
  • Pirate Mittens for Mr. vonA.
  • Princeton Mittens for Ms. H.
  • The (stupid...) Helm for me.
  • Fingerless(?) Mittens for me.
Potential Knitting (in no order)
  • A sweater, maybe for me (I am a large guy, it would not be cheap).
  • Lace, probably not for me.
  • Socks, likely some for me, and some not.
  • A murse, I could use a new one (that would be a man-purse [or a messenger/satchel bag], NOT a male nurse).
  • Something felted.
  • An Angst Cozy (patent pending).
  • More Swatch Monsters.
  • That's Enough For Now, As I Will Be Eating This Later, I Know, And Besides, I Need a New Job Before I Can Even THINK Of Buying More Yarn.
More Me-lists.
  • Get in The Shape (I know, everyone says it, but I need to, and have [hopefully] the motivation).
  • Make friends! (Last term was very encouraging academically, but I am starting to feel lonely)
  • A job, I need a new one to buy yarn. Also see below.
  • Travel (I would like to fly out East, dip down into Princeton, then take my time and train back across Canada. Also, there is a potential road-trip down the West Coast into the States, maybe as fat as San Francisco or something, which might take place next Christmas, but it's on the radar).
  • Get my driver's license (I have had my 'L' for just over a year, I don't want to get it, but it's time to do it). Also see above.
  • Floss.
That's all really that comes to mind, I am a simple person. Random, irrelevant goals/semi-lists include, and are not limited to: growing a full beard (either I'm clever or lazy. Mostly I'm curious what it will look like.), really getting down with some art (something I always mean to do, but it's not terribly important), successfully keep up with Embodiment (didn't make it last year), cook like a bandit (and compile my cookbook), move out (this should be on the other list, but it is highly unlikely), decide on my Undergraduate major (also, that should be on the other list, but it's not really something I can not get done, they make sure of that, so it goes here).
That is all.

Hope you all have a great year.


  1. Hey Michael,

    Looks like you're off to a good start on the new year. Hope all the knitting and personal plans go well, it'd be awesome if you got to everything on the list!

    Happy New Year!

  2. A good list and a good attitude. Just one word on the full beard front, however.


    Think it over. Carefully! Happy New Year!

  3. hey, happy new year!!! thanks for sharing your list, it's always nice to see what other people are thinking about for the year to come, it makes me start to think about what i really want to accomplish. partly, i just avoid thinking about it so i don't set myself up for disappointment. but then again, making a list will probably help organize what my goals are and will actually help me get things done!!

    whew. you're an inspiration!! =P

  4. Ugh! Stop being organized! You're making me look bad!

    (seriously - good luck!)

    ... and don't forget the photos of the Helm!


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