Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wee Beastie

I would just like to say how awesome you all are. I love how the one passing line (which I didn't intend to come across as a whinge!) got all the comments! On that note, I am trying to get a Knit Night organised (probably mostly university students), so if by some freakish coincidence, you know a knitter or someone who wants to learn in the Victoria area, send them my way! I'll keep mentioning this if it manages to go anywhere (I have the organisational skills of a pineapple).

I said I might put up some of my old doodles from class. As a disclaimer, I am not as crazy as they would indicate, I just got really really bored in that class, and this is how it got manifested! (As a sidenote, I point to Andrew Bell)
*deep breath* here goes, don't judge me! (this was the first of ten, and is still my favourite)

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  1. I think that we got a postcard for that Andrew Bell show in Chicago with a Rotofugi order that my hubby received a while back. Cool stuff. I don't think you're weird - I like your guy... you should share more of them.


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