Thursday, February 15, 2007


But it's not knitting! Because I have no knitting content that I can show you. Yet. Soon, I promise.

You might recall this WIP.

Well, it was for a course of mine. The assignment was to take the human figure (or part) and some sort of interaction (with anything), and then incorporate the dimension of space (this was somewhat open to interpretation, be it actual space, or depth, or what have you). Examples given were a hand holding a doggie treat above a dog's nose, or that scene in the Sistene Chapel, with Adam and G-d's hands outstretched, and it is just SO charged. Anyway. There was one more criteria. It was to be made out of corrugated cardboard and white glue. Go!

Ummmm, ok?
Anyway, this was my interpretation. Which was completely tame compared to some of the work done by others (the detail and level of artistry and ingenuity displayed by certain individuals in that class is.... just ASTOUNDING. And then you remember, "oh, that's done with CARDBOARD, too!") No photos of those though, you only get mine, sorry!

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  1. In my first year of art school, we learned how to do technical drawings. My instructor guided us through drawing schematics of whatever random object we had decided to bring in, and then SURPRISE! Our next assignment was to reconstruct said object in a dramatically different scale. Using only: corrugated cardboard. I wish I still had the two-foot long cardboard nail clippers!


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