Sunday, February 11, 2007

Go Stuff A Skein In It

To the... lady (and I use the term loosely here) who gave me serious heck in the coffee spot today:
-Yes, I think knitting is cool! (but, I'm biased)
-No, that is NOT why I do it. (but it doesn't hurt)
-I don't do it to 'trick some poor girl into thinking [I'm] sensitive' (as we all know, that is silly talk!)
-I do not think that I am 'some sort of hot [stuff]' (and I don't appreciate that language being directed at me in an angry tone in public, thank you veyr much)
-I do not, by ANY means, think 'having [certain parts] makes [me] better than [ladies] who knit' (I'm sorry, remind me to wear my Pretentious t-shirt next time I'm in public. And yes, I do have one, it's post-ironic, I swear!)
-However, I do think that I have better manners than certain individuals, ma'am. (And for once, I don't feel bad saying that)
-I am by no means 'some kind of [adjective] yarn snob' (I am a student, I cannot afford to be so, and would not wish to be so anyway! Nobody likes a snob)
-And finally... Well I won't say it in public (unlike some people, evidently), but it involves a skein, a craw, and stuffing.

Ahem, allow me to straighten my cravat.

In knitting news:
-For now secret project which I only have a few days to wrap up, and there is a good chance you will see it soon regardless.
-I might start Saranac, form Knitty's Man Issue at some point soonish. I hope.

And now back to silence and 'studying'.


  1. Phoey on them! Knitting in public attracts weirdos, like the older couple I met while n line waiting for the Portland Art Gallery to open. When asked, I told them I was knitting socks, and they asked me why would I bother unless I was poor and couldn't afford ones at Walmart!

  2. you just seem to run into all the freaks now don't you Michael? hehehe

  3. Women like that are more than likely feeling seriously inadequate, it's too bad she took it out on you. I say knit on and be proud. Perhaps you should pop over to Franklin's blog (Panopticon) and get his t-shirt about pointy sticks and delicate eyes from a man who knits.

  4. Urgh! Sometimes, I just don't understand people. And I wouldn't even bother wasting a skein on that craw.

  5. what is it with you and attracting weird ladies that spew all over you?
    i'm glad that you kept your manners.
    she's probably just jealous that you're a better knitter than she could ever be.
    console yourself--go fondle some yarn!

  6. gosh michael, you DO seem to live in an area with all the crabby people who FIRST OF ALL, can't mind their business - haven't they ever heard of "if you don't have anything nice to say...", not only that but why do they even care? it's nice if someone wants to offer a compliment or strike up a conversation, but WHY do they fell need to comment if it's something negative? after all...YOU were just minding your own business not bothering anyone with your knitting, i am sure.

  7. this is why i love new jersey! no one cares what you do, because they're all so self absorbed. ha!

  8. Those that matter don't mind, those that mind don't matter. Thank goodness not all of us women are of this fram of mind.

  9. I read somewhere recently that during the middle ages only men knitted. Women were not welcome to join their groups, in fact women did not knit at all.

  10. Geez, what a pleasant person she must have been. I've never had a woman react negatively to me knitting in public. I think you just ran into nut-job.

  11. 100 points for use of the word cravat.


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