Sunday, March 25, 2007


So, you may be saying "Hey Boy, you sure talk plenty, but I see no proof of knitting!" Well, fear no more, I found the camera. Had to rough up a pair of gremlins, but they had it coming. I think I only need about another 5" on the body, then I can join for the yoke!

Also, a quick technique question. When I join for the yoke, I inted to split it down the front, because a) I like that kind of neck and b) I will need to work intarsia to keep the two colours, as they wouldn't work in the round. Anyway, my question is do I need to do any kind of edging/border now, or would crocheting around the neckline later (or something) be enough to keep it from curling? (the closest I have seen is Knitty's Saranac, and that has a zipper in after, which I was planning on avoiding)


  1. knit a facing. that helps. if you crochet, you'll need a couple rows, it doesn't completely solve curling (sc, btw, not dc, lol!)

  2. A boy knitter! *squeals*

    J/K. I'm very excited to meet you :D

  3. That sweater is coming along!!

    As for the opebing, I think I would knit on a border later. Leave a bit of an opening (too late; I see you've already started on it) and then knit a small border around that opening and round the neck. I think that would look the best. And maybe even put in 3 buttonholes while you are at it as well. Don't have to use them, they are just there.

    School's almost out... we expect to see a lot more work from you!! hehe


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