Sunday, March 4, 2007

Project Spectrum Whatnow?

So I guess it looks like I haven't been doing much with Project Spectrum so far, eh? (Well, there was white in all of the moustache painting)
Well, that sweater I'm working on? The miles and miles of stockinette one? (actually, it goes fairly quickly) Yeah, that one. I have decided to take a break since I hit about 1/3 of the way into the body to go and knit one of the sleeves. Which is grey! Yay!

Ok, I really should go tackle all this homework that I have bene putting off, this is a busy week. See you this weekend!


  1. Well after reading your blog you had me giggling left right and centre. And i have to admit that your Mens Facial Hair painting with the checked yellow and white back ground has me thinking i have a great place to put it in my house. Take care :op

  2. Aren't those the cutest little increases! Like dimples! Good work, TBK! Too much caffeine makes for many exclamation points!


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