Thursday, October 18, 2007


-Am working on first sleeve of The Tomten
-Sock yarn is wound
-School has shifted from Open, I mean, Midterm Season to apparently mass freak-out time. Less than a month until reading break, we can do this! (despite the papers and exams before then, but shhhhhh). My point is, it's quiet around here. There is a lot of sleeping. And napping. Much more than there should be, I imagine.
-Has anyone seen my creativity lately? I have been perusing Lisa's old 'drawing a day' set on flickr ( I am always [always!] hugely motivated and inspired by her work, and it usually gets me feeling like I could start putting some ideas together if I had the time.
-Have a tree?



  1. i just stumbled upon your blog during a yarn-porn procrastination fiesta, and i have added you to my list of favourite webland knitters.

    you make lovely things.



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