Thursday, November 29, 2007

Less than a week to go!

Hello peoples!
First to address some questions form my last post:
Carly, I am indeed on Ravelry. Under the name 'michael'
And Heather, the shop I got the yarn from doesn't label the colourways (and they don't do it at the FA HQ as I understand it) and as always, I cannot find anything on their site even resembling it, I am sorry!

Now, knitting. I have finished off 25 of the called-for 34 repeats, and I think I will probably go until the full 34, I think I should still have enough yarn left for the edging then. It's getting close! (on a good day I get about 5 repeats in)

And you all know how unblocked lace gets me going, so have some photos for now. (also, I love how much it looks like cables at this point. And I am still waiting on a photo that really shows the true greens in this yarn.)




  1. Oh Michael~~~

    Your such great lace knitter!
    Iam so inspire by your work!

    Great color and great job~~~

  2. I am Awe-d by the prettiness. I want that stole! It's totally my color :)

  3. that is some intense knitting! i can't wait to see the FO!


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