Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am trying not to become a once-a-week blogger, but the truth is, I have no fodder. The only piece of knitting I have right now is barely moving, and I am contemplating scrapping it (and I feel rotten because it was a request/Christmas gift for my father). I know my knitting mojo will come back in time, but currently I am feeling rather fried. I have been keeping up with my goal of drawing something every day (nothing spectacular, I certainly don't fancy myself a drawing kind of person, but I figure, how else will I improve?)

I am going to cruise Ravelry and hope that something jumps out at me. (I've got lots of stuff I would like to knit for other people... tempted to take requests, just to get moving again)


  1. I hear you about losing your mojo. Give it some time to recover from Christmas knitting. BTW, which CDN university do you attend?
    Cdn stranded in the US

  2. Here's hoping that your knitting and blogging will be back soon!

  3. Take some time off and do something just for you. The mojo will return when you least expect it.
    Your Loyal Reader Helen

  4. There goes Michael, cruising Ravelry again. This could become a very bad habit for you! I vote for the Center Squared hat from The author belongs to my knitting guild!

  5. Try that trick where you knit one sock inside the other, using double knitting techniques. That'll get your mojo flowing. Or get your mojo thrown across the room in rage. Either way.


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