Sunday, January 20, 2008

First FO of 2008! -- Scarflet

Well, this is it, my first completed knit of the year!
To recap:
I mentioned cables,

(and isn't the reverse side fabulous as well?)

and buttons,


and here is the result! (and a big thanks to my human analog model, who seems to have suffered some sever head trauma in a past life.





This scarflet shall soon be on its merry way across the continent to a surprise recipient!

Pattern: Of my own devising
Yarn: One skein Malabrigo, colour 102 - Sealing Wax
Needles: 5.0mm bamboo straights (14"?)
Started: Monday the 14th, January
FInished: Thursday the 17, January

Super quick knit, nice excuse to use mmmmmalabrigo. I hope it gets put to good use in the cold winter climes of the East Coast!


  1. i REALLY love this! i'm really into short, collar-like scarves right now, and the buttons on this makes it even better. do you think you'll write up a pattern for this?

  2. The scarf looks great! I made one myself and if I may offer a word of advice? I'm not sure how tight fitting yours will be, but mine certainly needs a button on the back side to hold the other end in its place. Right now, it tends to creep up so the scarf isn't buttoned at an angle, but like a tube.

  3. Super cute, great job! The garter stitch border and buttons accent it perfectly!

  4. Ab Fab! Love the colour choice- it really makes it pop.

  5. Cute scarf!
    Counget for your first knitting project of the 2008!

  6. What lovely cables. It's a very fetching scarflet.

  7. Oh I love it! The color is soo pretty.

    I have a head model that has suffered severe trauma as well.. and has been stepped on a few times too.

  8. so good!
    i love the stitch pattern you chose.

  9. Hahaha "apply within"--that made me smile. I enjoy your blog a lot! Everything you've made is gorgeous and is photographed beautifully--hopefully the recipient of your Malabrigo goodness loves it as much as me!

  10. I LOVE this!!! Any chance you'll be selling the pattern or something? I would love to knit this up!!!!

  11. that is just adorable, and it looks so yummy and soft. love it!

  12. This is fabulous - the colour, the texture and as you say the buttons!!


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