Thursday, March 27, 2008

In which a hat is actually a snake and an elephant

The weather has been nuts today. *gorgeous* sun right now, snow, hail, rain and wind earlier. I took advantage of the break in the clouds to snap a few shots of The Wee Ones (as I have taken to calling them). I spy them here and there every so often, but they mostly keep to themselves.

And how sweet is this? I bet they feel like they're all alone out there...


But I think you are never quite so alone as you expect...


(I just like this one. And the closer sir is reading... not being a creepy stalker, like me)


Frankly, I think they all enjoy the sun as much as I do (though I live for the absolutely ridiculous weather days of the pacific northwest). I love the little bits that are left over form my knitting projects, I normally re-wind them into mini-skeins and hang them on this corkboard beside my desk, a kind of colour inspiration/retrospective. What do you do with your left over bits and bobs of yarn?

Ooh, also, this reminds me so very much of Le Petit Prince.
I am shocked to find that I do not own a copy!

Second Hedgerow sock is close to done. Well, I have the entire foot to do, but that's more than halfway!

Have a good day, peoples!


  1. We've had exactly the same kind of obtuse weather here as well. Easter weekend it was snowing AND sunny all in one. :)

    My leftovers are put into a zip-lock bag until I knit little things froms them, like booties or currently, a baby blanket out of 4-ply left over sock yarn.

  2. hahahha. Your little colony is growing!--where the heck are they coming from??

  3. Insane weather across the strait here, too. In fact it's snowing again this morning! The only "snow" we should be getting about now is the cherry blossoms falling.

    My leftovers get shoved back into a stash basket, only to explode everywhere when I go to look for something. Your system sounds much nicer.

  4. hehe.... the wee ones make my day.

    i roll my leftovers into tiny balls and toss them into a giant vase.

  5. What, no goat? I demand the goat!

  6. love the cute yarn mountian people....
    (found your blog from ysolda's, found it interesting that you called it moving "out east", i'm in the east and always say "out west". I just found it interesting!


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