Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In which a great mystery is revealed

They're at it again.

I came home from classes a little bit earlier than normal today, and look what I found!


I suppose I must normally miss the bulk of their work day, and I think I surprised them some. Still, the forman (the gent up top there) was kind of enough to give me tip of the cap (nobody does that anymore).


Well, I will certainly admit that I have always wondered how the flecks of colour got into tweedy yarn. I assumed that it was all part of the milling process somewhere, but now I know better!

You know what just occurred to me? These folks might be related to the Nac Mac Feegles... Maybe I should go set out some thimbles of the good stuff...


  1. Goofball. Where are you getting all of these people?!

  2. You are too too funny. This is my favourite one yet!

  3. Ew, that gave me the willies -- I don't like heights. :-)

  4. Excellent! I wondered how the coloured bits ended up in Tweed. Great to have such a mystery solved. :)

  5. Love it!! Certainly made me smile!

  6. Fiendishly clever :) Well done!

  7. they're littles! when i was a kid, i read a book about them, and it explained a lot. we're all just human beans.


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