Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In which our hero regresses. Roar!

So I knit a Baby Surprise Jacket. Uh, forgot to mention that, surprise? Really it took all of four days, most of which were not spent knitting, so it could have gone much quicker.


I haven't seamed the sleeves because I know some folks here who want to see it (and I like watching people trying to figure out how to fold it into a jacket). It will probably hang out as a store sample, since I'm not aware of any upcoming babies.


I used just under 2 balls of Regia 6-ply 'Square Color' (colourway 1126) on 3.5mm needles, and ended up with basically a newborn size, it is quite wee (and as everyone else knows, ohmywordsocute). Hey look, my needle storage system! (circulars hang on my wall elsewhere).


In other news, MALABRGIO LACEWEIGHT. I believe the proper term is 'fall down. Go boom'.


Colour number VAA 51. Descriptive, nu?


It's this wonderful swampy green mix.


The pictures don't really do it justice, it have more olive tones to it.


For some reason this colour makes me think of dinosaurs...


I have no idea why.


I'm also thinking Laminaria for this stuff. Mmm.


And finally, thank you ALL for the wonderful comments on my vest. it has been getting plenty of wear in this transitional season.

Have a good one, peoples!


  1. Great BSJ! And yay, ohsocute!! :)

    Mmmmm Malabrigo.. nice. *pets screen*

  2. I'm using some of that yarn right now (well, not in as nice a colour as that, but, well, you know, other than that the same) and it's like knitting with kittens. Slightly sticky kittens. Mmmmm.

  3. I love malabrigo lace weight. Oddly, it's the only malabrigo I've ever worked with and I traded it on ravelry...

    I love the BSJ, I'm planning on making one soon! (there's actually a cousin on the way!)

  4. I think we should get married. hah.

    BSJ looks adorable, and the malabrigo lace knits up like clouds.

  5. Adorable micheal. Love the bsj. I've already the second on the needles beware of the bsj addiction ;)

  6. I love the BSJ... I need to cast on for one, maybe this weekend. :-)

  7. Wow! The BSJ is great. One day I will knit one. Thanks for inspiring me.


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