Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Manipulative Vest, FO

I just had to get the action shots up yesterday. I totally have no self-control some times.


Pattern: Meg Swansen's Saddle Shouldered Aran Cardigan (available from Wool Gathering(63) or Spun Out(49), via Schoolhouse Press)
Yarn: Donegal Tweed Homepsun (Tahki), colourway 863, 7 skeins (well, just over 6, but you know)
Needles: Assorted 4.5 mm and 4.0mm(for the garter bands) circulars
Start: April 1, 2008
End: April 19, 2008
Mods: Well! I saw this FABULOUS vest, and decided I must have! However, I didn't want to order a pattern (I know that if I start buying knitting stuff online, I would never stop). So I looked at pictures (of both the best and other people's cardigans), and read their comments and mods and ideas and sort of cooked it up from those as I went along.

Verdict: I do like of love it a little bit. The body is a bit long (you can see in yesterdays photos that it kind of bunches up over my belt if I'm bending over or climbing trees or something), but given that I cycle around a fair bit, I think it's a fair trade off to keep my back properly covered. Only other downside is I am not 100% thrilled with the fabric. I think were I to recreate this, I would likely use a smaller needle to get a denser material with some more body to it (I have this weird phobia of loosely knit items). But I can mostly ignore that, especially since it was such a case of instant gratification.

So! a few more photos.

Oh, sweet miters...



Shoulder detail (fishbone/antler/whatever it's called cable)...


A good shot of all the cables I used (quail, sheepfold, fishbone/antler...)


And I am in love with these buttons I scored.




  1. The buttons are fantastic! And you just looked at detailed shots to make your own? No pattern at all? *is awed*

  2. Hm, great job knocking that off. I like the colour you chose too.

    I think my favourite bit is probably the high square neck with the miters.

  3. Woo hoo! I've been waiting for this post. Yesterday's was such a tease. :-)

    Love this vest. Love. It. I too am in awe of your reverse engineering job, and the knitting looks meticulous. I bow before your genius. The mitres are most excellent, and the colour/buttons perfection. Well done!

  4. omg!
    close-up is even better!!!!!

  5. That is a pretty sweet vest. Nice job on all the details esp. the miters.

  6. I love your vest. I'm going to have to consider making one for myself now...after I finish my other 3 pending sweater projects...


  7. That looks fantastic. The yarn, the colour, the texture, the buttons, all compliment each other perfectly. Perhaps some blocking will stop the front from bunching up?

    Oh dear, now you are tempting me to make one for myself.

  8. Fabulous! Especially figuring it out from photos and notes - that rocks. :)


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