Thursday, July 17, 2008

In which there were some tasty bits

I know, I know, two posts in a day? I'm going to burn out!

I just had to share what I did today. My lunch plans fell through, but I saw no reason not to make good use of the items I had picked up anyway. So while watching the last two days' stages of the Tour (I didn't get through yesterdays, but I haven't got time now, darn!), and knitting a bit, I slapped a quick meal together.

Gazpacho (and the solids left over from straining make an excellent spread/dip for a snack), melted brie on toast and a mango shake/fizz (with blueberries).


And for tea? (BC) Cherry Clafoutis. I used Miss Posie's directions (I like to whisk the egg and sugar together first). I made a batch in a 9.5" dish, but had more custard/batter left over than I chose to throw out, so out came the Mason jars! 6 cherries to a jar, custard to just below the threads, and voila, single-serving desserts (I got 6 jars worth). They didn't take quite as long as the big dish to bake of course, but are so much cuter.


Want to come by? I made extra.


  1. yes, yes i do want to come by. if only i didn't live in ontario at the moment.

    i'll get to victoria eventually.
    i promise.


  2. I'm on the first slight out there, Make sure you save me some! :)

  3. mmm yum!! the first time (and only time) I've tried that cherry dish was in Holland while staying at my aunt's house (she made it). it was so yummy and rich, but I haven't had it since... your meal looks so yummy! ok, just realized that I typed yum* three times, I thinks it's time for some dinner.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. you are making me veryyy hungry. it looks delicious!

  5. Hello. I saw your blog today. I am a male knitter and it is fantastic. I have been out of it for a while and I need a little inspiration and your blog has given it to me. Thanks.

  6. i've been back and forth about that recipe since se posted.... the big one look intimidating. but the tiny ones? awesome.

  7. Sounds yummy! I'd come by ... except there's that whole pesky Atlantic Ocean in between. ;)

  8. what a great idea, they look so cute in individual pots. I'll defo give that a go :)


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