Thursday, August 28, 2008

In which I am beat

Wow. I have been gone for... far too long.

In that time I have knit a vest, started a shawl (Shetland Triangle), started a blanket (Hemlock Ring) and started designing myself a new sweater. I have also moved into a new house across town with some pretty fun individuals (and I am *finally* unpacked).

On the downside, I no longer have access to a camera, though I plan to work on that soonish, and the move and new digs and work have just left me wiped.

So I am sorry I have not been about more, either here or flickr or Ravelry (or even Plurk... I so cannot keep up with that anymore). I will try to at least keep you all updated verbally until I lay my hands on some picture-taking solution.

Until later, enjoy the rest of summer!


  1. I'm glad that your attempting to be back! what happened to your camera?

  2. Glad you're still knitting ... 'though I've left it for a bit (dissertation writing just doesn't get done otherwise).

  3. Welcome back - just consider it a photography holiday. Perhaps you could sketch your work? Or bribe a friend to take photos with their cellphone? I finally found my camera battery charger on THE DAY my newly ordered charger shipped.

  4. hi hi!

    you know.. i have a camera. it eats batteries like no tomorrow, but it's here. in the house.

    top drawer in the desk beside my computer. take it when you need it!


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