Monday, November 17, 2008

In which the beast surfaces!

Oh dear.
Oh dearie dearie me.

I am terribly sorry for my complete and unforgivable disappearance from the interwebs, fine people!
I would post more (er, at all), if I had any free time! I am just barely keeping afloat in my courses (I'm doing well enough to be comfortable), and trying to keep my place of employment in one piece (or at least several *clean* pieces).
There has been knitting, minimal but present. I have completed 1 (one) Ironwork sock, and will get my tuccus in gear after the current round of tests and papers clear out. I am still negotiating the use of a camera (so desperate...), but hopefully come mid-December I will be able to cram knitting in aplenty (I have an urge to make a sweater - just a simple-ish raglan), else I may lose it completely!

Miss you all, and I will be back the second I have pictures!

love, Michael

P.S. The little fuzzball is doing well, quite the terror still.


  1. yay knitting progress! Has there been and progress on any of the other projects you've got on the go? I seem to remember a Hemlock Ring blanket and the Shetland Triangle....

    or am I just going crazier than I thought I was?

  2. Hey! I see you sometimes around UVic (mostly in Mac's Bistro)... hope course are going well... only a few more weeks!

  3. You see ... this is why I keep up with you. Some day you might finish something, and I'll be right there with you, maybe finishing something of my own!

  4. stay sane! we'll be her when you return. esp with pics. heee!

  5. Found your blog via the cowl on Ravelry; hopefully it will make a boy who doesn't knit a great prezzie.
    Keep up the good work, and don't worry about the courses

  6. Mis-read that post as an "Ironman" sock. That would be a red one, I guess.

  7. Hullo! Sabrina sent me here. Nice knitting blog! I'll be stalking you from now on. Peace!


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