Friday, April 17, 2009

In which neon takes over

At the behest of my co-habitants, I whipped up a tea cozy the other night.
I think it's ridiculous and kind of retro-hideous, but everyone else loves it!


Have a good weekend, peoples!


  1. I kind of like that despite it being garish. One of my problems is things in my kitchen being repurposed. There is no way someone will mistake your teapot cozy for a hot pad!

    Also, it looks like you knit that flat, which seems much easier than most of the patterns I have seen which are knit in-the-round and then steeked.

  2. It isn't a shy cozy, that's for sure.

    The real measure is, of course, the piping-hotness of the tea. Does that work?

  3. that is awesome. I need to prod you to take pictures more often. Two times blogging in one month! Woooo!

  4. Yes, you're not going to be hunting round the kitchen thinking 'where did I put the tea cosy?' - that thing hits you in the eye from 20 paces. Fabulous.


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