Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In which I'm really tired

Underwent another (!) house move yesterday. Working on getting internet up and running. Working on getting through the yoke of my sweater (it's going along at a decent clip, I just need a few solid evenings to crank it out I think). Photos and excitement will ensue as soon as I unpack my camera (and everything else... it might be time for a big possession purge, I think).


  1. Hugs! Moving is stressful, I'm glad I didn't have all my stuff, but I know that I'll need it all brought up from back East eventually.

    I just got internets, I can't believe how much I missed it until it was gone. *sniff sniff* At least you've got semi-useful internet.

  2. My Oldest Daughter moved the rest of her stuff back into her apartment this past weekend. I told her I just wanted my cloth shopping bags back! (She took every one to pack up with!)


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