Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In which mail is sent

Well, the Thesis Mitts were completed (took just over a week, all told), and sent off yesterday - hopefully the recipient will be able to snag some photos I can toss up for y'all!

In the meantime I am knitting... nothing. It's a few weeks in crisis mode for school right now, then I can knit again. Also I need to save up some money for the next project!

Sorry for the boring posts, but without a camera, I haven't got anything to show you! (If anyone had a spare digital camera loafing about, you know where to send it!)

Take care peoples!


  1. strangely enough...i actually DO have a camera loafing about that i don't need anymore...

    email me.

  2. I have a great little digital camera that I would love to give to you, it has everything you need too :D

    I'm in Canada and I see you're in Canada so shipping wouldn't kill us, haha!

    Contact me if you're still looking for one: ellebee@heartofhoney.org

    Your blog is fantastic and it just wouldn't be the same without pictures!


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