Friday, February 11, 2011

in which I plead for help

So I'm still not done those gloves (possibly because I misplaced them, though that has yet to be verified). In the interim, I have a question! I knit the Hemlock Ring lap blanket/throw, and I cannot *wait* to put it into service. Problem is, I need to block it. I think I can find the space to do it (though it won't fit into my sink, and I haven't got a tub to soak it in...), but this thing will be big, which is normally not a problem. I've blocked some big lace pieces (recently with the aid of my new blocking wires... lovely!), but this thing is supposed to be round. I can't use blocking wires or my usual tricks to block something round! Do I pin out each wee bind off picot? (which, I love, even if they took foreeeeever) do I get it close and smush the edges? I don't think I have enough pins to block this thing! Does anyone ave tips on blocking this? The sooner I figure it out, the sooner you all get photos!


  1. When I blocked mine I went out and bought extra pins and pinned each loop individually. I don't have any other solutions, sorry!

  2. I blocked my evenstar using maybe around 200 pins. Pins arent expensive.. i did not buy the expensive blocking pins but just normal pins and pinned it round eyeballing it. I put one pin in the middle and put a piece of string on it ... cut that at the lenght i blocked all the "points" and made sure in that way it turned out round. My wife loves it.

  3. if you have a place on the ground you can get those playschool foam mats (or a couple sheets of styrofoam insulation at a builders supply like home depot) - lay them on the ground and pin it to them after giving it a cool wash in the tub - you can also do the BDSM of lace blocking - run a strong thread through the perimeter of the blanket, then build a frame out of PVC pipe. tie rubber bands around the PVC then use a bent paper clip to hook the rubber band to the thread - that will stretch out the piece evenly and make it perfectly round. This technique was taught at the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat in 2010 by Hyphen Boy Designs - Matthew Hesson-McInnis :)


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