Sunday, August 14, 2011

In which there is an update, and an FO!`

Oh wow. Radio silence around here much?

It's not that I've had more important or better things to do, just... things (it's been a while since my schedule has been busy, slowly getting back into the groove). Settling into Vancouver a bit finally; got the house in order, and got work in hand.

Speaking of work, I am having a grand time getting myself good and embroiled in all sorts of woollen escapades with all the ladies at Urban Yarns. Come September, I will be running and introduction to stranded colourwork knitting - we will be knitting the Flocked Mittens from Hello Yarn, and it is very exciting indeed! Also in September, I'll be hosting the Urban Yarn's Men's Night again, now on Thursdays, and I really think this could be a great event, so I want to see all the knitters with balls out in September! (starting the 8th)

But now for what you all come here for...

I finished this sweater an embarrassingly long time ago, and it is finally on it's way to St John's, Newfoundland. In planning with a friend who was then approaching their 30th birthday, we brainstormed a set of words that described their ideal sweater.

Sweater Words

And you've seen progress shots all along, so yeah, just ogle on the rest of these.

All Neat And Tidy





There are plenty more photos in the flickr set, including some of the details incorporated...

Inner Collar Detail

I would like to extend a big thanks to Ms Fyfe for modelling (no she isn't the recipient, but it was an effort to pry it away from her after the photoshoot).

And now friends, I promise I will be back soon. I will probably even have information pertaining to a new lace shawl pattern with some truly clever details.

Until then,



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