Monday, October 17, 2011

In which Fulton is revealed... almost

Fulton Cable A Detail

 So I hear you all asking, "what is this elegant grey cabled blob?"

 Well, it is a new design that I am juuuust about ready to release! I'm waiting for the two samples to finish drying so I can photograph them, and then the pattern will be available for sale!

 Using about 150 meters of a worsted or DK weight yarn to work a comfy, cabled hat, Fulton will be available soon, so check back here!

  Fulton was designed to recreate a comfy store-bought hat that had been lounging around for many years, and to incorporate a bit more design than the stockinette original, of course. Fulton has just the right amount of slouch - enough to be trendy, but not so much as to slide off one’s head. Included are two different cable charts: a moss stitch diamond for the more traditionally minded, and a ribbed diamond for a subtler look.

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