Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In which Hap Baby is released!

Alright lovely folks, I have a new pattern for you!

Hap Baby

Very loosely inspired by Shetland hap blankets, and mostly based on my desire to knit some chunky lace in a good woolly wool. Enter Cascade Eco - at about 14st/4" and with a whopping plus-400 meters a skein, knitting up on 6.5mm needles, it was the perfect candidate.

Hap Baby Blanket

Now, I love me some garter stitch, so I paired that with some simple lace motifs, and the while thing knit up in less than a week!

Hap Baby Blanket

As always, I appreciate your support and the pattern is available through Ravelry (link below) or a hard copy will be available through Urban Yarns (as soon as I get to the printer)

And of course, questions, comments, thoughts, please let me know!

Hap Baby Blanket

Old Shale Border

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  1. Lovely. Lacy and delicate enough for a christening blanket, it still looks sturdy enough for everyday use.


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