Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In which I am awash in a sea

So it's been ages since I started this wee project. Got off to a great start, then I got kind of blued-out, and finished up some smaller projects to change things up, but I'm working on it again. Brocade Cardigan I'm getting quite close to the underarms on the body (the sleeves are already there), and I must say that I love the brocade stitch pattern. Brocade Cardigan I am not, however, looking forward to uniting the sleeves and body, because there will be a whole LOT of stitches, and I will need to find some creative way of tackling decreases on wrong side rows (original pattern was designed in the round, and raglan-esque decreases are scheduled for every 3rd round). I do quite like how the sleeves pooled (I'm not alternating balls, so there is all sorts of variation from skein to skein, and pooling - it's a "letting go" kind of project). Brocade Cardigan

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