Friday, November 23, 2012

In which I am unBEARably cute.

Oh so many things going on this week!
The baby blanket is done and will be gifted this week. I'm planning to release it as a pattern, so you know, you'll probably see that coming in a few years, with my track record.
Best Bear Baby Blanket... Bever?
We got some really cute crewel kits in at work from Wool & Hoop. I'm making 'China Blue No 2' (mostly because it's the only one we got that isn't orange and pink, which soooo don't go in our house), and it reminds me of those wicked spirograph toys I had as a kid, and would kill to get my hands on again...
I am also working on a really nifty easy scarf design that when done will be another Urban Yarns free pattern. It's done with four skeins of Koigu (I'm doing mine in two colours), and the single hardest thing I have done all week was deciding on the colours - we have like 50 or 60 colours at work, and oh man is that overwhelming! Can you guess the stitch?
As usual, progress on the long terms projects is... progressing.
Over and out!

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  1. I got Spirograph for Christmas 1985...I was 12. I was lost in a dreamy, kaleidoscopic, Catharine-wheel haze for weeks.

    I saw a set for sale recently...Winners, maybe? Anyhow, it seems they are back!

    Nice bear prints.


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