Thursday, August 3, 2006

Knitting and yet, not.

So, me being me, I was bored and thought "hey, cables and latticing are cool, I'll make a braided scarf!" Here you can see how far I got. Two rows later I ripped it out.

This is not bad! I strolled down to the yarn shoppe this mornign after a nice coffee, and bought some Van Dyck yarn to replace it. Photos and progress in a few days!

Umm, yes. More slow progress is being made on deciding on the sweater, and I bought a light pullover for evenings here... Yea. More knitting tomorrow!


  1. that's a pretty cool cable pattern! is it your own?

  2. If only! No, I got it out of a stitch treasury, it's a "Saxon Braid" braid I think. I'm alternating various repeats of it and stuff though, we shall see.


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